In Australia (Melbourne) when we say Bluestone we’re actually using an industry name for either Basalt or Slate. More often than not, and especially in Victoria, we’re referring to the type of Basalt quarried in Victoria and used widely in highway construction, buildings, railroads and paving. Bluestone has been one of the most popular paving and building products in Australia for over 100 years and continues to be one of the most widely used natural stones in the landscape – both residential and commercial.

Our most popular Bluestone colours are the Standard Bluestone and the Dark (Sable) Bluestone.

At Granite Works we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality Bluestone paving and pool coping in Australia. We select only A Grade raw material and check each and every piece of stone before it’s packaged for our customers. With our rigorous quality control process we can ensure that every project is supplied to our high standards.


Custom Finishes

In addition to our standard Sawn texture we can also apply a number of alternative finishes to our Bluestones. Each of these unique finishes brings it’s own personality to the stone, highlighting different colours and adding elements of depth and tone.


Flamed Bluestone Paving Melbourne


Longan Bluestone Paving Melbourne


Fine Bush Hammer Bluestone Paving Melbourne

Fine Bush Hammer


Natural Split Bluestone Paving Melbourne

Stunning attention to detail, customised to suit every project.......................

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