Summer is just a couple weeks away, so we’ve made a list of a few things you should check up on to make the most out of those long, hot days ahead.

Water Level

Summer temperatures can be scorching during the day, causing the water to warm up. But the cooler night temperatures will lead to evaporation. Make sure to stay on top of your water level.

Pool Water Balancing

If you are not getting your pool regularly serviced then your friend is your local pool shop. Questions you need to ask about your pool include:

  • Do you need salt?
  • Is your pool balanced?

  • Does your pool have sunscreen? Ph – ALK-Calcium?

Pool Equipment

Sand filter

Are you regularly back washing? If your filter is not in shape your pool health will suffer.


Your pump works every day and they need attention. Check that the unions are tight and no leaks and pump baskets are empty and clean.


Ensure your chlorinator is still producing chlorine, chlorinators have a limited life span of 5 to 7 years.


Probes need regular cleaning and replacing if not functioning.

Solar Heating

The sun is now out, turn the solar on to reap the benefits in the warmer weather.

Safety Checks

Of course we want our pool to look great, but pool safety is very important.  Now is a good time to check pool safety. Read our post on keeping kids safe this summer.

  • Check that your pool gates are self closing.

  • Be aware of CPR instructions.

  • All vertical gaps must be less than 100mm apart.

  • Remove climbable objects near pool fencing.

Check these things off and you’ll be ready to enjoy your pool all summer long.

Contact us today if you have queries about your pool or to put you in touch with our trusted maintenance suppliers.