LAGUNA CHAT - Ellie Grammelsberger

LAGUNA CHAT - Ellie Grammelsberger

LAGUNA CHAT - Ellie Grammelsberger

Ellie Grammelsberger started at Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture (NBLA) back in April 2016 and has been conscientiously building and developing her passion, layer by layer, for the last 5 years. The 29-year-old holds a Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture) and Masters in Landscape Architecture, both from RMIT. As a diligent and driven final-year student, she reached out to Nathan Burkett, director of one of Australia’s leading landscape architecture studios, where an intuitive use of space, materials, and keen eye for detailing are some of the creative trademarks of projects. Ellie was rewarded for her tenacity, and joined the NBLA team as a landscape architect.

Did you always want to be a Landscape Architect?

Some of my fondest memories from when I was growing up were the times that I spent in the garden with my grandparents. From a very young age I had a love and fascination for plants but an appreciation for architecture and design. I think I was destined to be a Landscape Architect.

We loved meeting with you at our International Women’s Day 'Ladies Lunch' back in March.

Tell us about your experience coming through as a junior to become a senior designer? I have always been an exceptionally driven person which has led me to dedicate countless hours to my career from the early stages. My path from junior to senior designer began with the understanding that not everything comes at once and that hard work really does get rewarded. I am very lucky in that NBLA provides an inclusive and supportive environment where my growth and development are nurtured and encouraged.

From where do you draw your inspiration for your designs? Who do you follow and admire in the industry?

I am always looking for inspiration. If you keep your eyes open you’ll get inspired everywhere. I do love to ‘pin’, Pinterest can be a dangerous wormhole but I also love buying books and magazines! Their are many people within the industry that I admire, Fiona Brockoff, Amanda Oliver, Matthew Cantwell and Rick Eckersley, to name a few locals whose work I find amazing. Andrea Cochran, Bernard Trainor and Piet Oudolf have always been great international inspirations.

You have worked on a number of pool designs in collaboration with our team at Laguna Pools.

What do you consider to be the essential ingredients for an outstanding pool design?

A lot of thought and consideration goes into designing and planning a swimming pool and/or spa. Some of the key considerations that drive the initial concept are; orientation, scale, pool fencing, materials and cost. There is a pool design to suit everyones brief and budget! That’s why NBLA love collaboration with the Laguna team to make our clients dreams come to fruition.

Designing something special, like the Dendy Street, Brighton East pool and garden, takes a lot of experience, creativity and innovation.

How are you challenging yourself to come up with unique projects that stand out from the crowd?

Every pool we design is heavily driven by our clients brief and requirements but also the site context and constraints. No two pools are ever the same. It’s really important that the pool integrates into the overall garden concept. NBLA are always focused on delivering new and exciting swimming pool designs, that are a feature within our gardens. One of NBLAs trademarks when designing pools is to minimise pool fencing, as it can be an obstruction and we endeavour to make our pools feel as much apart of the garden as possible.

Do you have a favourite project? If so, what makes it so special?

I think picking a favourite project is like being asked to choose your favourite child - impossible! Design is multi-faceted, whether it’s working with my clients, collaborating with the team or drawing details on a new project, you’re always designing! This is what makes my job and all our projects so special!

What are the landscape design trends we are seeing more of in 2021?

A number of trends have emerged over my time in the industry, however, the integration of water within the garden has always and will continue to be a big feature within garden designs, whether it’s by the ways of a swimming pool, or reflection pond. I also think we will continue to see an emphasis on simplicity and structure throughout 2021. Architectural concrete combined with large foliage, structural plants, like Alocasia, Fatsias and Ligularias that create form, texture and contrast with in any garden. Some exciting up and coming projects are in the pipeline at NBLA... watch this space! Thank you to Ellie Grammelsberger - Associate Director & Senior Landscape Architect, for taking the time to chat with us. Nathan Burkett Landscape Architecture