A lot of work goes into building some of the best pools in Australia. When you’re ready to build your dream pool with us, here’s what you can expect from our unique approach.  


This is the beginning of all document preparation including:

  • Property information

  • Permit application

  • Engineering

  • Insurances

  • Service connections

  • Tile selection

  • Solar location

  • and confirmation of all relevant plans.

Setout & Excavation

In this stage we will accurately setout pool position and dimensions, prepare site for trucks and machinery, excavate pool hole and remove soil.

Plumbing, Steel and Concrete

Here, all pipework, conduits and cables will be installed within pool shell structure, along with the steel cage as per the engineered requirements. A final check of all dimensions and pipes is carried out and then a supervised spraying of the pool shell itself.

Concrete curing and site cleaned

Once the pool is sprayed the concrete is left to cure for a minimum of 28 days, during this period we can strip the formwork and excess steel and clear the site of any unwanted rubbish or materials.

Pool pipes run to equipment area

When possible we will coordinate to have all the pipes and pool systems connected from the pool shell and extended into the designated equipment/plant area. This will need to be considered and completed prior to any surrounding works.

Tiling to commence

Once the curing process is complete we will schedule a start for the rendering of the concrete shell and the pool tiling will commence.

Equipment/solar heating installation

Here, the position for all plant equipment will be established and all design considerations ticked off. We will install and connect all pipes with your pool’s filters, pumps, and control systems. installation of any solar heating will also be finalised.

Pool fitout, clean and fill

With all other trades considered, we will now attend to a final clean of the tiled pool and install all internal fittings. Once all safety barriers are installed, we will fill the pool from a garden hose and tap.

Commission and handover

This process involves starting all systems, flushing out the plumbing lines, chemically dosing the pool and bringing the pool and its functions to desired

performance levels. Afterwards, you will be given a tutorial on all systems and their function.

Once the process is complete, your pool will make a great addition to your home, ready for you to enjoy for years to come.