If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your home, you will know that regular maintenance is key to ensure the best swimming experience. We have put together our Top 5 Tips for a healthy pool, all year round!

Top Tip # 1 - Up your filtration during hot spells

Avoid the pool struggling with the demands of the hot conditions with these valuable tips by running your pool filtration system at least 10 hours per day. If your pool is getting a lot of use for a large portion of the day it is common for it to be quite cloudy by the end of the day (sunscreen, body oils, urine etc all contribute to this). So, where possible, run your pool overnight. This should have you back to normal by the morning, ready for another day of action!

Top Tip # 2 - Consider upgrading to a Mineral Swim System

As we become more conscious about making healthy choices for our family, mineral pools are becoming increasingly popular. Mineral pools are not new to the pool industry but the new Mineral Swim system offers more than most other systems out there on the market. 

Cleaning your pool no longer has to mean buckets of toxic chemicals that sting the kids eyes and turns your hair green. A clean pool can be achieved from adding naturally derived minerals and an OZONE oxygenation fitting to your pool, regular maintenance and a high quality automation system, so you can enjoy your time relaxing at home, not another item on your to do list.

mineral swim swimming pool system

HOW DOES IT WORK? The Mineral Swim System combines Ozone Swim, a water purification system, with 100% Dead Sea minerals rich in magnesium and sourced exclusively from the Dead Sea.

WHAT IS OZONE? All pools need chlorine to sanitise but when you add Ozone Swim to your pool equipment, you’re able to reduce the amount of chlorine needed in your pool. Ozone is a super powerful oxidiser, 3,500 times faster at killing bacteria than chlorine and able to destroy the nasty by-product of chlorine (chloramines/combined chlorine) that’s responsible for irritating the skin and eyes when you swim meaning your kiddies can swim goggle-free!  


  1. Reduced chlorine – Ozone does up to 80% of the oxidisation
  2. Destroys chloramines
  3. Perfect for skin conditions
  4. Healthy, crystal-clear water

MINERAL SWIM - Mineral Swim is 100% natural and rich in magnesium which has many well documented health benefits. Magnesium is an incredible natural muscle relaxant making it fantastic for aches & pains, muscular recovery post sporting activity and reducing anxiety. It will also make your pool water feel soft & silky leaving the skin and hair feeling nourished and moisturised.  


  • Softer, silkier water and moisturising on the skin
  • No need to shower after swimming
  • Therapeutic pool water
  • Crystal clear water

Top Tip # 3 - Choose your sunscreen & skin care products wisely

It's also important to consider other chemicals entering your pool, such as sunscreen. Sunscreen can have a negative effect on the water chemistry of your pool, and depending on the level of use of your pool, the quality of the water can diminish, especially if you are hosting regular pool parties or have a large family! 

We recommend you opt for a water-resistant, non-greasy, preservatives, PABAs, parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate free Sunscreen lotion like our Australian owned and made range from We are Feel Good Inc. By choosing a less toxic sunscreen you can minimise the toll on your water quality, and because it's good for your skin, you can also swim assured knowing it’s good for your pool water! No more oil slick floating on the surface of your pool.

we are feel good natural sunscreen healthy swimming pool tips

You should also ensure you allow a minimum of 30 minutes before entering the pool after applying sunscreen to reduce the risk of run off. 

Another great option to minimise the amount of chemicals entering your pool, is to wear a full length rash guard, which will reduce the amount of sunscreen you use over your whole body. 

Top Tip # 4 - Say “NO” to glass!

Entertaining poolside is one of the great Australian dreams! BBQ’s with friends, and outdoor dining is one of the most enjoyable benefits of having a pool in your backyard, but there is one invisible danger that we should all be aware of - GLASS!

One of our most important tips this summer, is to make a general rule in your household that glass bottles, or glass drinkware is not allowed in the pool area.

strahl beverageware no glass by the pool

If glass gets broken around your swimming pool, there is a very high risk of injury due to the many bare feet moving around the area. If broken glass enters the pool water it is invisible to the naked eye and poses a threat to all swimmers inside the pool as well.  Glass could also damage the pool lining and completely draining the water may be required if the glass cannot be safely removed.

You can still entertain with beautiful non-glass drinkware though - look for high quality shatterproof glass and tableware such as our range from Strahl. Made from high quality polycarbonate but with the clarity and elegance of real glass, these unbreakables are perfect for entertaining outdoors, by the bbq or the pool.

Top Tip # 5 - Enjoy your pool

With Summer less than a week away, now is the time to get the most out of your swimming pool. There are so many benefits to having your own backyard pool, and heading expert advice around taking care of yours will deliver you the best swimming experience this Summer, and beyond.

Laguna Pools have also considered the lifestyle element to owning a pool.

laguna lifestyle swimming pool acessories

We know pools, and we know fun, and now we offer a truly unique, one-stop-shop with our hand-picked selection of quality pool and outdoor living products to maximise your health, performance and wellbeing.  We have personally searched and selected our favourite, ethically produced, tried-and-tested products of exceptional quality, so you don’t have to! Check out our Laguna Lifestyle range.

For more information about this project, or any other enquiries, please contact us.