4 things to consider when looking at pool heating systems

4 things to consider when looking at pool heating systems

Whether you’re tired of having to cover your pool and put away your swimmers every winter or are looking to install a pool, you should absolutely consider investing in a pool heating system. 

Pool heating systems come in various styles, makes, shapes and sizes, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we'll talk about what you should consider when looking for a pool heating system, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of various types of pool heaters

1. Climate

No matter where you live, even the warmest regions will require some type of pool heating system. Pool water isn’t as warm as you may first think; it can cool down rapidly overnight, it can be considerably colder over winter, and the water on the surface is always warmer than the water further down. The sun’s rays only hit the surface and cannot penetrate to the bottom of the pool. 

The climate will also help you determine what type of pool heating system you will need as not all heating systems are made the same. Some are stronger and more effective, and this will strongly be determined by where you live, the natural temperature and how much natural sunlight you have access to. 

2. What Type of Heater Do You Need?

There are four different main types of pool heaters on the market; solar, electric element, electric heat pump and gas. 


Solar's most evident benefit is its low energy prices and absence of negative environmental impact, and it’s typically put on rooftops. Of course, the amount of sun accessible during the winter months will be limited, but a solar heating system would often extend the pool season past summer and into spring. A solar heating system is typically driven by the pool filter pump, although a booster pump may be necessary for high rooftop installations.

Electric Element: 

Electric element heaters are inexpensive, easy to install, and take up little space. They're better for spas or hot tubs, though, as they don't heat larger pools very well. As a result, your energy bills may rise. 

Electric Heat Pump: 

The electric heat pump is the most energy-efficient solution for individuals who desire year-round pool access. Electric heat pumps are an excellent choice for extended seasons or year-round operation due to their low energy costs. They take longer to heat the water and cost more upfront, but they provide more significant long-term benefits than other solutions.


Gas heaters are ideal for on-demand heat that is dependable, rapid, and constant. The purchasing price is reasonable, but they require an independent gas supply, typically natural gas or LPG, depending on the local market. You can reduce running costs when combined with a companion solar heating system, and you may not have to give up being environmentally responsible.

3. The type and size of your pool 

The material of your pool will be a large factor in making your decision. Concrete pools generally need more effective pool heating systems, as concrete is a naturally cold surface that’s not the best at retaining heat. Fibreglass is a much warmer material and can keep heat more effectively.

The size of your pool is also essential. A larger pool contains more water, so it will require a heater that’s strong enough to heat the whole pool to a comfortable and consistent temperature.

4. When and how often you use your pool

If you’re swimming laps, cooler water will be relatively comfortable. As soon as you stop moving, however, you’ll be able to feel the temperature because you’re not using any energy. If your pool will be your relaxation zone or used for both, you’ll need to make sure your system heats the water temperature at a comfortable level. 

Who will be using your pool is also a factor. Children and older people need warmer water as they don’t use the same energy as young adults when they swim. Consider a stronger and more consistent pool heater if you have kids or if your elderly parents use the pool. 

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