Build process

Building a custom concrete Laguna Pool takes around 16 weeks from dig to completion. Our experienced construction team & site supervisors have their stages and processes streamlined, and we communicate with our clients transparently and effectively throughout the entire build.


This is the first on-site phase of building your Laguna Pool which takes around 2-3 weeks. Here we set-out the pool, excavate the site, run the plumbing, fix the steel structure and pour the concrete.


Following the concrete spray, your Laguna Pool needs to cure for 28 days. During this phase your site supervisor will conduct 2 visits, firstly to carry out a post-spray check and then to conduct a pre-tiling check towards the end of the curing process. We also ensure that all temporary fencing is secure, in place and compliant.


The tiling phase takes around 2-3 weeks to complete. During this phase your site supervisor will check in with our tiling team and conduct a post-tiling quality assurance check.


This is when we install all your pool equipment and solar (if applicable) and when you will need to arrange to have your pool fence installed, as well as complete any landscaping within the pool area. The pool area and fence is then inspected by a registered building surveyor to ensure the pool is safe to be filled with water.


Once the pool is full The Laguna Maintenance team will then begin testing and balancing the pool systems to get them online and working as expected. A final instructional session is then conducted during which we will show you how to use your pool and equipment ready for your family’s first swim.


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