Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is an excellent way to utilise an otherwise unused space or courtyard. A plunge pool can become an architectural feature for the home, especially when lit at night or through winter. It can be heated quickly with multiple spa jets for an enjoyable spa under the stars or used straight up for a Wim Hof cold therapy session!

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Concrete plunge pools Melbourne

Whether you have limited space or want a compact concrete pool to swim in, our expert team at Laguna Pools can design and build a concrete plunge pool to suit your space and budget with a variety of interior finishes.

What is a plunge pool?

A plunge pool is a more compact and smaller alternative to a full-sized pool. While swimming laps may not suit a plunge pool, they do provide a method to cool off on a hot summer's day, a place to relax on a warm evening, and the ability to include a pool as part of your lifestyle and your home oasis, all while staying within your properties space constraints.

Why choose a custom concrete plunge pool?

A custom plunge pool gives you many more possibilities in terms of what you can do with it. Laguna Pools can build your plunge pool in any size or design, allowing you to use your existing area. The difference with Laguna Pools is that we can design and create what you want in the space you want. Precast plunge pools require access to be lifted in, which may be limited by your environment, whereas our custom concrete plunge pools are created in place, allowing us to fit into smaller places. 

We only use the finest quality suppliers and accredited materials to guarantee that your concrete plunge pool is built to the most excellent standards, giving you peace of mind about the lifespan of your investment.