Roof top pools

Developers are increasingly adding roof top pools to their projects to give their residents great amenities. They can also be a terrific way to utilise unused space, and as you see in our images, they can add a serious wow factor to any property.

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What is a roof top pool?

Roof top swimming pools are pools built on top of roof slabs to save space on the ground level or improve the roof's aesthetics. In terms of installation and structural requirements, rooftop pools differ from inground pools. When creating a rooftop pool, extra attention must be taken to avoid leaks and associated roof construction issues.

Luxury you can enjoy for a lifetime

Concrete pools are well-known and loved for their incredible versatility. As custom concrete pool designers and builders, Laguna Pools can design and build the pool of your dreams, including the perfect roof top pool. We know how to make the best use of your available space while still factoring in your lifestyle and budget. Our expertise includes everything from lap pools to exquisitely crafted roof top pools, such as this stunning pool we designed and built in South Melbourne.

Install a roof top pool today

We are proud to be Australia's leading premium swimming pool design, construction, and lifestyle brand at Laguna Pools. Everything from our pools to our outdoor living products is intended to improve your quality of life. 

Install a roof top pool today to take your home's luxury to the next level.